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We have started a new Mega Stores for Fashion Jewellery and accessories. Custom to Gold Jewellery and Imitation Jewellery ranging from Women's Hair Ornaments, Necklaces, Earings, Bracelets, Bangles, Anklets, Rings, Brooches, Buttons, and Pendants. Start navigate our site now.

Quality Policy

Durga Jewellers

Consumer Satisfaction

We strive to achieve “total consumer satisfaction” by consistently selling high quality, fashionable and BIS hallmarked jewellery at fixed price. We shall continually improve to customers and surpassing the expectation of our customers. We are striving for excellence and always innovating in the selection and promotion of products and services. We shall continually enrich customers shopping experience through fixed price.

Quality Assurance

We take several initiatives to maintain our product quality, protect consumer interests and offer good value to maintain customer satisfaction.

BIS Hallmark

The BIS Hallmark is a standard mark specifying the fineness of gold used in the jewellery given by the Assaying & Hallmark Centre (A&HC) where the jewellery has been tested. It carries a code letter representing the year of hallmarking, the jeweller’s mark and the number 916 to indicate the use of 22 carat gold.

Durga Jewellers